Our Services

Audience and Market Research

We offer end-to-end project design and delivery of audience and market research to shape communication and campaign strategies with social interest objectives. We specialise in audience and market analysis that identifies priority and influencing audiences for your mission and creates actionable insights. Our research not only provides rigorous data, but maximises opportunities for real-world change in policy, practice and behaviour.

We specialise in:

  • Situation analysis through systematic analysis of existing data to develop a holistic picture of the context, barriers and opportunities for your campaign or advocacy initiatives.
  • Audience analysis, including audience segmentation and persona research.
  • Content and sentiment analysis, to generate deep understandings of public perceptions and media influence around specific issues.
Community and Stakeholder Research

We design and implement bespoke community and stakeholder research strategies for purpose-driven organisations, including government, not-for-profit and peak bodies. We work with you to fit the approach to your organizational needs, strategic vision, and stakeholder and community profile. We prioritize meaningful research engagements and actionable insights that allow community and stakeholder voices to authentically and productively influence decision-making.

We specialise in:

  • Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder perception research – identifying and categorizing stakeholders and influence; analysis of stakeholder awareness, perception and sentiment to support strategic planning and performance.
  • Community listening – gathering in-depth knowledge of perceptions, challenges and needs of community members and local stakeholders.
  • Co-creation – facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements to build a common narrative for change and to generate solutions and ideas.
Research Reports and Publications

We rigorously research, produce and design evidence-based reports, articles, briefings and White Papers on a range of social, economic and policy issues for both internal and public audiences. Using a range of social research methodologies, we conduct both primary and secondary research to gather compelling evidence that can drive public discussions, media impact and organisational strategy.

Research Advisory and Training

We help leaders and teams develop and refine their research strategies and capacities. Through structured advisory and bespoke training, we build organisational capacity to get more value out of your internal datasets and to explore innovative research methods, research technologies and project design approaches. We work with you to identify your research needs and build fit for purpose research strategies at the project, program or organisational level.