About Us

The Insight Centre empowers for-purpose organisations with evidence and insights to address Australia’s current and future social, economic and public policy challenges.

We create meaningful impact through high quality research and research strategy. Our research is designed to build the evidence-base that can strategically support our clients’ mission and values and enables evidence-led approaches to strategic planning, stakeholder and community engagement, communications and advocacy.

We believe that compelling research is not just about understanding the dimensions of the problem. It’s about translating knowledge in ways that shape the public discussion and formulate effective solutions for organisations, stakeholders and communities.

Our Mission

  • To deliver high quality insights, grounded in rigorous evidence and compelling people-centered narratives, so organisations can tell their story, evolve their practices and create positive change
  • To engage diverse voices and audiences in the research and insights process, and bring people to the forefront of organisational and policy decision-making
  • To contribute innovative thought leadership to critical national debates on pressing social and economic issues


As a member of the Australian Data and Insights Association, we pride ourselves on our capacity to take an independent and evidence-led view of issues, with a firm commitment to the disciplines of organisational, social and market research, and the laws, codes and standards set for our industry. We are ethical and rigorous in our approach to data collection and the development of insights and recommendations.

Our research experts are trained across multiple research methods – social, market and organisational – and our policy specialists have worked across a wide range of economic and social policy areas. Our team brings a range of high-level professional experience in government, marketing, academia and the non-profit sector to our engagements, meaning our work is developed with strong corporate knowledge and a clear understanding of the relevant fields of play. 

We have demonstrated experience working on: health, energy, climate change, disability, economic and tax policy, workforce, industrial relations, migrant and refugee settlement, superannuation, housing and urban policy, retirement and the aging population, education, justice and legal services, among others.